Space and Missile Systems

Modular Structures to Support Space and Missle Systems

Federal and Defense

CoverSix works with companies and agencies to design specialized structures that meet the requirements of the space and missile industry. These buildings are meticulously engineered to withstand multiple blast events over many years of use, ensuring they remain safe and secure and continue to meet their industry's needs.

functionality and deliverability
Functionality and Deliverability

Mobile launch vans escort the rocket to the launch site while providing critical communications with onboard systems.

safe and protective design
Safe and Protective Design

Protective facilities designed to withstand the blast pressures and exhaust chemicals during launch safeguard other assets on the site from damage.

launch pad protective facilities
Launch Pad Protective Facilities

Protective facilities on the launch pad can increase the survivability of the astronauts should something go wrong in the final moments before liftoff.

space interior options
Interior Options

Launch site data centers communicate with the payload right up to the moment of liftoff.

command center
Command Center

Modular command centers protect occupants while providing all critical systems needed for a successful launch.

facility units
Facility Units

Units can be built to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for offshore modules. These units can be deployed on recovery vessels and platforms in the ocean for booster recovery.