Contingency Basing

Hardened Shelters That Go Where You Go

Federal and Defense

At CoverSix, innovation meets preparedness. We’ve designed a comprehensive range of solutions for defense and emergency response needs. Whether it's armories, skill houses, bunkers, medical labs, housing, or command centers, our 20' and 40' modular units are designed to adapt and excel in any mission-critical scenario.

skills houses

Armories are custom-built to meet mission-specific needs. They can be outfitted with amenities to include shelving, weapons racks, counter tops, HVAC, explosion-proof lighting, clearing bullet trap, etc. They are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of ATF and the DoD specifications.

Skills Houses

This ‘non-lethal’ training tool is designed for a variety of training requirements, like adaptive urban assault, building search and clearing, urban climbing, method-of-entry and simulated force-on-force training. We've created a realistic training environment that is critical to developing the confident and conditioned responses needed by soldiers and first responders.

Viewing Bunkers
Viewing Bunkers

Our viewing bunkers offer protective coverage on explosive ranges, ensuring resistance to shrapnel. They provide an ideal vantage point for secure monitoring of training sessions. These bunkers are engineered to withstand blasts and an array of different caliber ballistics and simunition rounds.

contingency basing uses
20 plans
40 plans
Available in standard ISO container sizes of 8' x 10,' 8' x 20' and 8' x 40,' CoverSix modular buildings are commonly used for:

  • Armories
  • Base Camps
  • Command Centers
  • Guard Shacks
  • Showers and Restrooms
  • Skills Houses
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Sensitive Equipment
  • Mobile Data Centers
  • Generator Rooms
  • Storage
  • Viewing Bunkers

Testing and Certifications

  • Successfully blast tested with 1250 pounds ANFO from 110 feet
  • Ballistic resistant to meet NIJ level III
  • Fatigue analysis performed for repeat blast loads
  • Building Protection Levels of Medium to High per DoD UFC 4-010-01

Transportable: Manufactured in standard ISO container sizes to facilitate transportation during contingency operations through the use of commercial truck lines, cargo ships and rail.

Deployable: Can be implemented as shelters in theater with the use of Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (M1120A4) and Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH).

Scalable: Single- and multi-section designs allow shelters to be sized up or down to meet mission-specific needs.

Customizable: Shelters are designed and manufactured to meet each users specific requirements which can vary from unit to unit, or agency to agency.

Reliable: Shelters contain few mechanical parts making them extremely durable in even the harshest of environments.