Modular Training Facilities

Modular structures to protect and train assets around the globe

Defense and Security

CoverSix offers the ultimate solution to train and prepare warfighters and first responders for the rigors of their missions. CoverSix Modular Training Facilities include a variety of training structures and equipment including live-fire shooting ranges, close quarters combat facilities, viewing bunkers, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities and skills houses. Engineered to industry-leading safety specifications, each of our facilities is personalized to meet the exacting needs of the user and applies proven and successfully tested designs.

Modular Small Arms Range

CoverSix has teamed with Action Target to offer this Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR). The MSAR shooting range is equipped with technologically advanced features like safety baffles, bullet traps, targetry, shooting stalls and ventilation systems. The MSAR has 360° ballistic containment, with up to 14 firing lanes and up to 100m firing distance. 

Viewing Bunkers
Viewing Bunkers

Our viewing bunkers provide a shelter cover on explosive ranges that is resistant to shrapnel, a perfect view-point for protected observation to monitor training.

Close Quarters Combat
Close Quarters Combat

The modular Close Quarter Combat (CQC) system provides a live fire environment for basic to advanced tactical weapons drills, room clearing, building approaches, search drills and explosive method-of-entry (eMoE). The system allows operatives to train how they fight, with customizable room layouts, stairs, lift shafts and other internal features combined with reactive target systems and immersive visual and audio effects.

Military Operation in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
Military Operation in Urban Terrain

We've used converted ISO shipping containers to create our adaptable MOUT solutions. They're useful for training in a variety of urban complexities from single story buildings to a complete city environment.

Scalable and Flexible Design
Skills Houses

This ‘non-lethal’ training tool is designed for a variety of training requirements, like adaptive urban assault, building search and clearing, urban climbing, method-of-entry (MoE) and simulated force-on-force training. By combining realistic walls, doors, rooms, and hallways with custom configurations, we've created a realistic training environment that is critical to developing the confident and conditioned responses needed by soldiers and first responders.

Hardened Control Centers
Hardened Control Rooms

Not your average control room, these are designed to withstand repetitive blasts, and to protect bombing range equipment and personnel, all in a solid modular construction. Get all of the specs you need in a control room, plus the industry's best threat protection.

Facility Type
0.5 cal
Blast Resistant
Shooting Range
Viewing Bunkers
Close Quarters Combat
Military Operation in Urban Terrain
Skill Houses
Hardened Control Rooms

Custom Designs That Align with Your Specific Requirements

Only with CoverSix can you combine all the engineering behind the industry’s best modular training facilities with the virtually identical training capability of a traditional brick and mortar building. From targetry and simulation to custom layouts and amenities, we put the power in your hands—the only things off limits are the unparalleled standards for our strength and safety.