Embassy and Consulate Buildings

Proven designs that meet specialized diplomatic mission requirements

Defense and Security

CoverSix is a leading provider of modular and temporary structures at embassies and consulate facilities around the world. With established relationships with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security, and Overseas Building Operations, CoverSix can design and build facilities to meet your specialized diplomatic mission requirements.

Hardened Alternative Trailer Systems HATS
Hardened Alternative Trailer Systems (HATS)

Successfully demonstrated blast, forced entry and ballistic resistance, these buildings have been tested to DoS SD-STD-01.01 Revision G and exceed design criteria for high-explosive charges. Our HATS have been utilized as offices, housing, medical facilities, safe havens, technical operation centers, and data storage units. They can be connected to existing containerized housing units of similar size or can stand alone, providing many options for protective facilities of varying sizes.

Compound Access Control CAC Facilities
Compound Access Control (CAC) Facilities

Modular CACs are designed to provide hardened protection during the screening process. These buildings can be built to house pedestrian screening and x-ray equipment or they can be used as guard booths for pedestrian and vehicle inspections.

Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant FEBR Facilities
Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant (FEBR) Facilities

CoverSix has tested and approved six products included on the DOS FEBR Approved Products List. This list includes 8’ x 20’ and 8’ x 40’ single and multi-section designs, providing even more options for protective design. These buildings are certified to both 15-minute and 60-minute FEBR.

Containerized Housing Units CHUs
Containerized Housing Units (CHUs)

Living quarters and offices constructed from modified shipping containers provide low-cost modular construction options for personnel at embassy locations. The units include beds or desks along with bathrooms, lighting and climate control systems. CHUs can be shipped using commercial means and stacked onsite to provide large housing complexes.

Mail Screening Facilities
Mail Screening Facilities

Modular mail screening facilities are constructed from the ground-up to meet U.S. State Department Standards per section 133435. These units provide a safe location to sort and inspect mail arriving at embassies and consulates. Built with a primary and secondary screening room. The secondary room includes a biological safety cabinet to protect personnel living and working at the compound from potential exposures.

Compound Emergency Sanctuaries CES
Compound Emergency Sanctuaries (CES)

A protected building designated as a temporary shelter, or safe haven, which is engineered to provide protection during an attack or other crisis. It can feature protection from ballistics and forced-entry attacks, as well as chem bio filtering for the threat of chemical attack, making it an ideal location to shelter-in-place.